Custom Production

Exclusive, Custom Tailored.

Looking for the custom music that’s custom tailored for your project’s need?

Our top-selling music producers and head producer will thoroughly go over your project needs with consultation free of charge. We will meticulously create the best quality instrumental music that you need for your project using the top class audio plugins and hardwares, with free revisions included.

Project Guideline

Please review the project procedure guidelines thoroughly.

Use the form below and send us the request, with your project description.

All we need is a great idea &starting point and we will take It from there. The more detailed the brief is, the better understanding we have for the project.

After filling out our contact form, we will set up a time for consultation about the clients’ needs, and spend 1-1.5 hour on specific creative direction that music needs. We will also set the deadline.
After, we will send you a custom quote with a sample contract through email.
Quotes may vary depending on the amount of the work that are needed on the project. Once both parties agree on the agreement, a minimum 10% deposit of advances must be made for the project to proceed. 
General agreement is that proper credit must be given to producers and writers, with original author retaining 50% of composition and sound recording copyright of the instrumental. Producer will retain for 50% of PRO writer’s share. Producer will maintain Record One 5% royalties of suggested list retail price (SLRP).

The agreements may be flexible with changes of the terms and amount of the advances paid upfront to the producers and writers.

*Client may request for refund prior to proceeding to the next stage and 100% of the deposits will be refunded.

After deposit has been made  with signed project, producer, and writer agreements on both parties, we will send three (3) sample loops for the client to choose. Client will choose his or her favorite sample, and send us confirmation of proceeding with the project.  

*Client may request for refund prior to proceeding to the next stage and 80% of the deposits will be refunded. Audio files will include watermarks prior to final delivery.

We will proceed with creating full composition and master recording with the client’s chosen sample. We will make 3 free revisions if customer seem that they are necessary.

Additional Revisions: 50 USD each

*Client may request for refund prior to the completion of the full arrangement, and 40% of the deposits will be refunded. Audio files will include watermarks prior to final delivery.

After compositions and arrangements are completed, we will refine the quality of sound recording with mixing and mastering process using top class audio plugins and hardwares.

We will make 1 revisions with customer’s request.

Additional Revisions: 50 USD each
*Deposits are non-refundable after the. completion of the full arrangement with any given condition. Audio files will include watermarks prior to final delivery.

Once the client is completely satisfied with the project, we will send an invoice. Client must complete the payment of remaining 50% of the quote. Once the final payment has been made, we will send the full project .zip file including the following:

– Full .als project file
– 44.1k/24-bit .wav master file
– 44.1k/24-bit .wav full track stems files
– Exclusive Rights Contract

*Payments are non-refundable after the final delivery to the client in both physical and digital format.

Submit Request

For all requests, please send us an email to:

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